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Progress update on our new datacenter in Denmark

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Shared by Arni • August 01, 2023

Hi there,

November 9th 2022 we started the process of building our very own Datacenter here in Denmark where Webdock is based as a company. Here is a picture of me in my Icelandic sweater turning the very first shovel of dirt :)


As of today the building is almost done, less some exterior parts as you can see in the picture above, and we are only slightly delayed - or about a month or so :D

I was fully ready to accept some delays when we started building but unfortunately we have been hit by a perfect storm of theft on the building site, huge amounts of rain (the wettest January in Denmark in 15 years!) and other such "fun" things.

In any case, we are at long last ready to get started working on the interior parts like the internal walls, the bathroom (your Remote Hands team will need the ability to poop, after all), all the wiring, installing our UPS system and generators, cooling etc. etc. not to mention the racks themselves and all that sweet sweet hardware we want to install :)

We hope that if everything goes as planned the datacenter will be fully functional and up and running before summer 2023. But that is, as we have already seen, subject to change. We will keep you updated once we get closer to summer.

We are extremely excited to get started and look forward to going into production with our first small facility. Operating our own datacenter will enable us to provide you with even better, cheaper products and launch new product lines such as dedicated servers and other exciting things we have in the pipeline. More on that later.

Cordially yours

Arni Johannesson

Arni, CEO & Founder