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Progress Update on our Datacenter in Denmark

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Shared by Arni • October 16, 2023

Hi there,

At long last an update! When we published our last update we were still very much in the early days and had a very optimistic timeline, as it turns out. At that point we were "only" a month or so delayed, but then the problems quickly started stacking up...We were hit with a number of issues: subcontractors going bankrupt, theft 🤬 vandalism on the building site, budget overages and more ... It's been quite the ride 😀

We were originally hoping to go live by this summer, but now it has become clear we will not be ready to go live and accept customers in our new facility until Q2 2024. The current go-live date we are aiming for is May 1st 2024 🚀. This should be a realistic date, and if we are lucky we may even go live a bit sooner than that.

As to current progress, as you can see on the small teaser pictures included we have racks being installed and electrics mostly completed.

It's a very busy time right now as all the pieces which have been patiently waiting on the sidelines are coming into place and equipment is being installed at an ever-accelerating pace.

We will try to post another update by end of this year where we will hopefully be able to confirm the go-live date and maybe share some more details on the engineering behind our facility and the choices we have made in order to be able to provide an outstanding Cloud Hosting product in the years to come.

As always, thanks for reading 💚

Arni Johannesson
CEO & Founder