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You can now Generate and save SSH Public / Private Keys directly in our dashboard

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Shared by Arni • September 20, 2023

Hi there,

Today we've made a small feature release in order to make Public/Private Key generation a little less painful for our users.

You now no longer need to switch to a 3rd party application in order to generate a new SSH key for your shell users and then copy/paste the contents to Webdock.

Simply click the "Generate New Public/Private Keys" button in the popup window and our system will generate a fresh SSH Keypair using a modern safe algorithm with large bit size and high security.

Once generated you can copy your private key to clipboard or download it directly as a file.

Hit save and the public key will be saved in your Webdock account.We hope this small convenience feature will be well received and that it helps you be just a little more efficient and productive when managing your servers with us.