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You can now change PHP Versions directly in the Webdock Dashboard

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Shared by Arni • September 07, 2023

Hi there,

We are happy to announce a new feature in the Webdock dashboard: Seamless PHP version changing to any supported PHP version on your Webdock LAMP/LEMP server without downtime.

You can find the new feature on the main Server Screen on the new “Manage PHP” page:

We’ve made some small changes to the dashboard …

When releasing this feature we decided to reorganize a few things in the dashboard in order to make things a bit more logical.

On the new Manage PHP Page

You can now change PHP versions and Manage PHP settings, as well as query your server for the php-fpm version which is actually running and which versions are actually available.

On the new File Manager Page

You can deploy the File Manager and use our “Pull any file to edit” feature, which has been moved away from the FTP management screen.

These are small quality of life changes and we hope you agree the layout of features is now a bit clearer and more logical.

Under the hood there are a lot of small UI tweaks, fixes and improvements which you probably won’t notice but we were happy to fix them anyway 😄 Namely:

  • We now have a list of pre-defined error_level defaults for PHP you can choose from so you don’t have to refer to the docs every time you want to change this
  • The “Pull any file to edit” feature now actually understands which PHP version should be running on your server and suggests more appropriate config files in the default dropdown menu
  • The main server overview card now accurately displays which PHP version is running on your server
  • Our Events Tray now behaves a bit better when it comes to errored jobs

When changing PHP versions, your settings are maintained

Provided the PHP settings have been set in the Webdock dashboard under Manage PHP, then whenever you change PHP versions we will automatically apply your custom settings. If you haven’t touched the custom settings, then the optimized default settings which are set in our base images are used.

We’ve created new LAMP/LEMP stacks

Now that you are able to switch to any PHP version supported on your server easily there is no longer a need for us to maintain many versions of our LAMP/LEMP stacks where the only difference is the PHP version installed. This means that moving forward we will only be offering a single version of our LAMP/LEMP stacks (with the latest well-supported version of PHP installed) and you can then downgrade or upgrade PHP as you see fit using our new PHP version switching feature.

Old versions of our LAMP/LEMP stacks may not show newer PHP versions as being available

As we can only install and switch to PHP versions which are actually supported on your system, older versions of our LAMP/LEMP stacks may report very few - if any - PHP versions available to switch to. If you experience this, then the fix is to either upgrade your system, see our guides here, ( or migrate your site/application to the latest LAMP/LEMP stack we have available.

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards

Webdock Support