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Embrace the Dark Side: Dark Theme now available for our Control Panel

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Shared by Arni • August 24, 2023

Hi there,

Are you tired of staring at blindingly bright screens while managing your websites? Well, get ready to embrace the darkness because Webdock is happy to announce our latest product feature: a Dark Theme for our control panel!

We've listened to your feedback (and squinted through countless late-night coding sessions ourselves) and realized that it's time to bring some nocturnal vibes into your web management experience. With Dark Theme, say goodbye to eye strain and hello to sleek sophistication.

Did we mention that studies have shown dark themes can help conserve energy? By reducing screen brightness, especially on devices with OLED displays, you'll be saving battery life too! So go ahead - indulge in both style and sustainability simultaneously.

Enabling Dark Theme couldn't be easier either. Simply navigate to your Dashboard and go to account & settings, click on the "Dark Theme" tab. It's like summoning a shadowy spirit to transform your control panel experience in an instant.

We're excited to offer this new feature as part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing user satisfaction.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the abyss of Dark Theme today and let us illuminate your web management journey with its bewitching allure. Embrace the dark side - we have cookies...and now, an epic control panel theme!