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How to Install VaultWarden on Your Webdock Server

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Shared by Søren • August 01, 2023

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It can be tough to keep track of all our passwords for different online accounts - significant ones like email, banking, shopping, and social media. We're told they should be strong and unique to each site, but remembering all of them is tricky.

That's where password managers come in! They can store all your passwords securely, so you don't have to worry about forgetting them, and Bitwarden is one of the popular password managers. There are two versions of Bitwarden: Commercial and Self-hosted for ultra-privacy enthusiasts.

Vaultwarden is a Bitwarden server alternative written in Rust. It supports connections from Bitwarden clients and is less resource-intensive than the official Bitwarden service. This tutorial explains how to install Vaultwarden on Ubuntu using Docker and docker-compose, and securing the configuration with Caddy.